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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 54
Questions about the ERC-20 tokens (called REP) that trade on the Ethereum platform and support the Augur Oracle incentive structure
× 44
Questions relating to Augur prediction markets
× 37
Questions about the security of the Augur platform
× 20
Any questions relating to Augur testnet (either the bleeding edge or stable version).
× 19
Questions relating to the development of the Augur prediction market and related services
× 17
Economics questions relating to Augur specifically or prediction markets in general
× 13
Augur related Questions about Augur interacts with with the Ethereum network. Ethereum specific questions that are not related to Augur should be asked on Ethereum Stack Exchange instead.
× 12
ensure reporters get paid proportional to outstanding interest in augur. In practice this puts upward pressure on REP prices such that Augurs market caps remains above a certain multipl…
× 12
Questions about the period where REP holders report on the outcome of markets.
× 11
Questions relating to the scalability of Augur and how future development will influence it.
× 11
Questions about resolutions of Augur markets
× 11
Questions about the Solidity programming language in the context of Augur contracts written in it.
× 10
Questions about the Forecast Foundation and its role in the development of the Augur platform
× 9
Questions about the fee required to be paid upon creation of a new Augur market, by its creator.
× 9
Questions relating to the decentralization of Augur control
× 9
× 8
Questions about the outcome of an event specified by an Augur market
× 8
Questions about the ERC-20 Ethereum token standard currently being used by Augur for its REP token
× 7
Questions of technical value that explain the historical context underpinning Augur development direction, and progress.
× 7
Questions about the centralized and decentralized exchanges that trade REP or any currency or token that may be used by Augur reporters or users.
× 7
Questions relating to the accessibility Augur
× 7
Questions about the Augur website(s) controlled by the Forecast Foundation
× 6
Questions relating to registration tokens which are required for REP owners wishing to report on markets in a given period in exchange for reporter fees
× 6
Questions about the use of the Serpent programming language in Augur smart contracts
× 5
Comparisons between different Augur features and features provided by other prediction markets