The buzz about Augur is about non existent at this point. For one, I posted a message to this forum over a week ago asking how to obtain testnet REP (How to acquire testnet REP). It so far has 9 views and zero answers. Links to acquire testnet REP are broken and have not been fixed.

Furthermore, Augur took over three years to finally release a product. It is obvious this current version is not ready for the mainstream and major upgrades have been announced. They have admitted to the product being severely lacking in a workable user interface. How long will that take? Another year? By that time Stox or Gnosis will have left Augur in the dust.

The site traction is pretty pathetic as well. I like USA sports and for a typical game or question I usually have no takers on some very enticing bets that I offer. So I end up paying a transaction fee for nothing.

With any technology project I look at the progress of the development team. Are they responding to user issues? Are they making progress on new features? In this case I conclude that the answer in NO.


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