I'm running augur-node and am currently running into the following error which is shutting down the service. Log with some context below:

Sep 22 10:22:35 augur nodejs-augur[16958]: Fetching blocks details from 6368425 to 6369092
Sep 22 10:22:35 augur nodejs-augur[16958]: insert into `token_supply` (`supply`, `token`) select '0' as `supply`, '0x381cda70eccf1f15931961b57dc58beae86f022d' as `token` union all select '0' as `supply`, '0x125ef8d98f31ad6f188d4514dddadb13e05535fc' as `token` - SQLITE_CONSTRAINT: UNIQUE constraint failed: token_supply.token
Sep 22 10:22:35 augur nodejs-augur[16958]: Stopping Augur Node Server

It looks like this may just be resolved with npm run clean-start but I'd rather resolve this in the DB itself if possible.

I am connected to the following ETH node

ethereum-node: {"http":"https://gethnode.com/http","ws":"wss://gethnode.com/ws"}

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