From my understanding, settlement fees are due when a market is resolved or a so-called complete set is sold. This means when shares are traded in a binary market for the first time, an equal amount of YES and NO shares is created (NO shares seem to be invisible).

Let's assume I have some YES shares originating from such a transaction and I want to sell them. Is it possible to know whether the counterpart in the trade pays for the shares with ETH or matches them with NO shares. In the latter case I would have to pay fees. It appears to me that this is not possible to determine in advance.

If I fill an open order, is there a way to see what would happen and if I have to pay fees?


It is not possible to know in advance of making a trade if you will be matched in such a way that fees are taken. Even if the state of the orderbook was known beforehand it could shift before the tx is actually mined and you may end up paying or not not paying fees that were expected from former state.

It is likely a good suggestion that the UI display the fees you may possibly incur when making a trade by escrowing shares.

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