i had also bought augur rep tokens during the crowdsale. I have an email from augur stating:

"The encrypted private key for the new Ethereum account 53a8ecc4734e547a6c98b24cb1fe4b0f83f4d521 you generated at sale.augur.net is attached to this email. This key and the passphrase that protects it are VERY IMPORTANT. All purchased REP will be associated with this Ethereum account and protected by this key. Please take appropriate precautions to secure this key and its passphrase.

How do I access this ethereum wallet to trade my REP tokens? I am certain that I remember the passphrase I created at the time on the augur sales webspage - please help! Complete noob concerning this

You can use the site https://www.myetherwallet.com/ to easily transfer the tokens associated with this account.

Go to the "Send Ether & Tokens" tab and log in using Keystore/JSON file. You should then be able to load your REP token balance in their token balance section and send REP to an address.

If you are a real Newbie and not really interested in becoming a geek I would suggest Meta Mask that will take all the stress out of this process.

Also recommend coinbase for purchase of ETH and if simple peer to peer trading at Etherdelta.

Very straightforward with plenty of good tutorials on youtube.

  • You do of course need the Myetherwallet as a first step. – Philip Streets Feb 11 at 7:52
  • and especially just use small amounts to test out your connections and practice. – Philip Streets Feb 11 at 7:53

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