What is the symbol of the old and new token?

What is the address of the old and new token?

Where can I see the source code for the old and new tokens?

  • Do you mean you want details about the REP migration? – Micah Zoltu Dec 6 '17 at 20:25
  • Idk. There is a website and they don't have their REP wallet working. They asked me for this info to update the wallet. – Andrew Dec 6 '17 at 20:29

Details about the vulnerability can be found at the Augur blog. The summary for the vulnerability is:

A previously-unknown buffer overflow vulnerability in the Serpent compiler combined with Serpent’s un-enforced types and a bug in Serpent’s computation of memory addresses, caused a non-loss-of-funds vulnerability in the REP token contract. The vulnerability allows someone to increase the token creation timestamp indefinitely, thereby disabling transfers of the token. For a technical breakdown of the vulnerability, please read Zeppelin’s analysis.

Open Zeppelin's full analysis of the vulnerability can be seen on their blog

The symbol hasn't changed, it was REP before and it is still REP after.

The old contract address is 0x48c80F1f4D53D5951e5D5438B54Cba84f29F32a5

The new contract address is 0xE94327D07Fc17907b4DB788E5aDf2ed424adDff6

The new contract source code can be found here.

The old contract source code can be found here.

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