Noob question here, but I just signed up to Augur and I can see the following on the top left corner of the page:

ETH Tokens:10,000.0000 ETH:99.9955 REP:47.00

What do ETH tokens and ETH represent? What is their actual value (in BTC or USD - surely it does not actually represent 100 ETH). Is there a way to withdraw/exchange them?

Also, I read a bit about reputation, but am still not sure how I can actually earn them and what is the max?



Right now Augur is only running on test networks, which means everything is play-money and has no meaningful value. There is no place to exchange your test network ETH/REP, and even if there was it would be worthless.

For the real thing, you can buy REP from any exchange that lists REP. You can use that REP as part of the reporting process and if you combat liars, you will get a share of the liars REP (liars lose their REP).

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