I've setup Augur locally, and I'm on the Account page with a QR code to scan. I've scanned QR code using Chrome app, but it's just giving me the hex address.

So what are the next steps to deposit some funds to my account?


That is your Ethereum account's public address, which should look something like: 0x698ae32a6b8c4325fc797bd4b43aa07cdfd69cb0.
NOTE -- Don't send anything here, unless you like throwing away money.

In your Chrome wallet app, you'll set that address as the to address and then set the amount of ETH or REP you'd like to send.

NOTE -- During the beta, both app.augur.net as well as augur-dev.firebaseapp.com run on private chains, so sending funds to an account created w/in a client that was connected to Augur's node from a node or wallet that is on another chain won't work.

Both apps will currently automatically give you private chain ETH + REP once logged in.

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