Many pull requests to the Augur repository reference discussions in Clubhouse. Is Clubhouse only available to those affiliated with the founding Augur development team and Forecast Foundation, or can it be accessed by anyone that has opened an issue, pull request or just wants to follow development related discussions?


Currently, our Clubhouse is for internal use only. We use it to track developers and employees current tasks, as well as model our pipeline and internal timeline for Augur components.

Most discussion happens on PRs that get merged into Augur. Clubhouse doesn't have much discussion, it's more of a calendar / task tracking tool. We used to have our issues and tasks public (using GitHub), but moved away from that as we weren't really getting any valuable contributions from the public.

If you'd like to contribute, have an issue, or want to submit a PR - it's encouraged for you to just do it on our GitHub, or join and talk to us in the #dev channel of our Slack!

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