Is there a connection between 0x and Augur aside from the fact that REP can be traded using the 0x protocol just like any other ERC20 token and Joey Krug is both an Augur founder and 0x advisor? How does Augur plan to utilize the 0x protocol in the future?

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We plan on the v2 release of Augur to have 0x integration. 0x is an off-chain order book for ERC20 tokens, meaning we can plug Augur into the 0x order book and allow for significantly faster editing, creation and modification of orders. We're viewing 0x as a scaling solution for the speed of transactions.

Augur could be integrated with the 0x protocol in such a manner as to make any ERC20 token including stablecoins, trustlessly available for usage on Augur without the need to interact with a centralized exchange.

0x would also let reporters trustlessly convert their fees (earned in ETH or another currency used by Augur in the future) into a ERC20 token of their choice, into any ERC20 token including but not limited to REP.

Essentially 0x can help improve the liquidity of Augur, while reducing trading fees and eliminating the need for trust among users wishing to interact with any ERC20 compliant token.

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