What is the strategy of the Forecast Foundation for dealing with any future (potentially contentious) hard forks of the Ethereum Network?

For example, if approximately half of the mining network, exchanges and userbase rejects the Casper fork and continues to support the current PoW Ethereum chain, what policy of the Forecast Foundation will help make the decision of which chain(s) to support?

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    Right now this isn't an especially good question. I would suggest modifying it to ask about general policies or strategies the Forecast Foundation has for dealing with forks, rather than make it about this specific and highly hypothetical situation. – eMansipater Aug 8 '17 at 16:31
  • Made some edits to focus more on policy and make it clear that this was just one example where that policy could be used – Video Game Champ Aug 9 '17 at 5:35

I think it all comes down to market cap. If the overall community views PoS ethereum as more valuable than PoW ethereum than the market cap of PoS ethereum will be higher. I'm quite sure that this will be the case as PoS scales better than PoW. It doesn't matter that much for which side the forecast foundation publishes code since it will quite likely be usable on both sides of the fork (at least before things like sharding are activated). But since the scalability and thereby usability will be better on the PoS side and value is generated by usage I assume the PoW chain will simply be ignored by most of the people and slowly die.

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