What is the current expected gas cost for common types of Augur transactions, such as market creation, placing an order and voting market outcomes?

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    I'm going to put off answer this one for now since I don't believe we have run the numbers yet. I suspect it will be on the order of magnitude of hundreds of thousands of gas per transaction, with market creation likely being more expensive than order placement/settlement/reporting. – Micah Zoltu Aug 7 '17 at 18:55

Some very ballpark gas estimates for common transactions in MVP:

  • Market Creation: 3000000
  • Contributing to a dispute: 350000
  • Placing an order: 450000
  • Filling an order: 750000

Market creation cost will likely always cost enough through bonds and other initial deposits to make the gas cost there insignificant.

Trading is next on the list of improvements to the platform in general and we expect to greatly reduce gas costs.

Eventually if we can move more and more of the platform into off chain components the fees charged for basic interactions should decrease to a negligible amount.

  • Suggest including costs for reporting related functions, as another prediction market with different gas costs can utilize the decentralized oracle – eyezick Jan 20 '18 at 10:26
  • The most common reporting function will likely be contributing to a dispute. Some other less common actions like the initial report (by the designated reporter or whoever shows up in their stead) costs 1500000, the "final" contribute which reaches the dispute goal before the forking dispute costs 4300000, and a forking dispute costs 1000000. Something to note here is that as more disputes reach their goals complete subsequent disputes costs more and more because of accounting internals that require iterating through all the bonds. – achapman Jan 21 '18 at 0:27

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